2019 Federal Election

The 2019 Federal Budget: What it means for refugees and people seeking humanitarian protection – Refugee Council of Australia

Here is some unbranded content to share for the election #VoteForValues campaign featuring people from refugee and migrant backgrounds – please consider posting and also distributing to your members to share on their own social pages. 

VOTING in Australia

  • On the white Senate ballot paper, you need to either:
    number at least six boxes above the line for the parties or groups of your choice, or
    number at least 12 boxes below the line for individual candidates of your choice.

SENATE VOTING – click on link for Senate minor Parties and what they say or don’t say about refugee policy
(This information has been compiled from publicly available information, and the detail has not been directly checked with each party. It is provided as an indicative guide only.)

Australia votes: Tap into the Kaldor Centre’s resources on refugee issues

Whether you are a first-time voter in Australia or long-time observer abroad, we encourage you to draw on the Kaldor Centre’s trusted expertise. Please check out:

2019 Election Policy Comparison – Refugee Council of Australia

Refugee Council of Australia:

#ChooseFairnessAndDecency Campaign
An initiative of CRAG, the Combined Refugee Action Group (Geelong)

  • The policy comparison or scorecard that has been developed for the #ChooseFairnessAndDecency Campaign here. The document has been thoroughly checked against information on party websites and media statements available as of 24 March 2019.
  • Please feel free to share the link with your networks.
  • NB – As strict Australian Electoral Commission rules apply to all election materials, including providing the name and address of the printer for hardcopies, there is no print function available on the online document.

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Four Demands on the 46th Parliament
The Grandmothers Against Detention of Refugee Children
1.    End all forms of detention for refugee children
2.    End refugee family separation
3.    Get all refugees off Manus and Nauru to safe settlement
4.    Ensure refugee children and their families seeking asylum are held no longer than 72 hours to enable basic identity and health checks.

Rural Australians for Refugees – Suggested Questions for Candidates

  1. Do you support Australia working with other countries in the Asia/Pacific region to provide funds and solutions for assessment and safe settlement of people seeking asylum? 
  2. Do you think the government is justified in depriving young adults in immigration detention of tertiary education and work rights?
  3. It would be more cost effective to have people in community detention in Australia with work rights. Would you support this as a better option?
  4. Do you support family re-unification?
  5. Knowing it is NOT illegal to seek asylum in Australia, will your party continue to use the term ‘illegal’?  If so, why?
  6. Do you support an end to offshore detention of people seeking refuge and asylum?  If not, why?
  7. Do you support a Charter of Human Rights for Australia?

Catholic Alliance of People Seeking Asylum (CAPSA) Federal Election Statement

CAPSA has collated a number of resources from a number of different useful and reputable sources that will hopefully help you to navigate conversations and your voting options. Share these with your community! You can find them here.

ASRC Election Information – https://www.asrc.org.au/electioncampaign/
Key Messages: 

  • Stop cutting families off a safety net of status resolution support services (SRSS) against homelessness and hunger
  • Restore SRSS to all people seeking asylum as they wait for asylum claims.
  • Resettle people held offshore in the United States, New Zealand or Australia immediately.
  • Reestablish a fair and fast asylum application process that meets Australia’s obligation of permanent protection for refugees.

Here is some unbranded content to share for the election #VoteForValues campaign featuring people from refugee and migrant backgrounds – please consider posting and also distributing to your members to share on their own social pages. 

RAC Vic Scorecard – from the Refugee Action Collective Victoria

Amnesty International Federal Election Scorecard, revealing where the Liberal, Labor and Greens parties stand on support for asylum seekers through the SRSS program. Please share widely so voters are informed on 18 May. 

We believe that leaving vulnerable individuals and families with young kids with nothing to survive on is cruel. These are our neighbours, friends and community members. We need urgent action to support these groups. #BackYourNeighbour

Direct from the 3 major Political Parties:

The Liberal Party – Policy on Border Protection

The Australian Greens – Policies

The Australian Labor Party – 2018-2019 ALP Platform – Chapter 9 A Fair Go for All
See pages 36 – 45 of this document (Points 265 – 344) for the section
A Nation Built on Migration – click here
Full ALP Platform

You also may be interested to look at:

  • Use Your Voice – Stop the Votes
    • Use Your Voice – Stop the Votes – Education Kit –  pdf version
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    • 2 members of Canberra RAC have developed an advocacy kit for use with politicians and community leaders