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About ARAN

The Australian Refugee Action Network (ARAN) is a national alliance of refugee action and advocacy groups which call for Australia to uphold its obligations under international human rights law, with regard to people seeking asylum.  

ARAN’s Aims and Objectives:

  • To provide an avenue for communication and collaboration for action and advocacy groups with a wide membership or which operate as networks in their cities or regions
  • To promote a stronger and more coordinated approach to campaigns and days/periods of action across the nation
  • To facilitate information dissemination so that grass roots action/advocacy groups are better informed and equipped to undertake actions in their own localities
  • To offer a single point where various activities across the country can be listed and promoted for quick reference

Membership of ARAN is open to any grassroots activist/advocacy group which:

  • Has a membership of its own
  • Is campaigning for Australia to uphold its obligations under international human rights law with regard to refugees and people seeking asylum; and/or is raising awareness and supporting refugees and people seeking asylum in the community
  • Is committed to working collaboratively and constructively with other ARAN member groups

Australian Refugee Action Network National Committee
Terms of Reference 2017


The campaign for refugee rights has been a long fight. There have been many twists and turns in the campaign which have required those in the movement to respond quickly. Without an organising body, the capacity to provide a coordinated national response to issues has been severely limited. No other major movement operates without some kind of national body to coordinate actions.

The purpose of the Australian Refugee Action Network (ARAN) National Committee is to:

  • Provide an avenue for organised communication and collaboration between grassroots refugee advocacy and activist groups across the nation
  • Suggest forms of, and themes for, actions, including national days of action
  • Receive proposals from member organisations to initiate actions on a national basis
  • Issue draft press releases for discretionary use by member groups and others
  • Resource members groups by sharing graphic design, videos, fact sheets etc.
  • Maximize social media reach by the sharing of local actions and events around the nation

Scope and Authority

The ARAN National Committee has the authority to make decisions regarding the operations of the Australian Refugee Action Network which are within the purpose and scope outlined above.
The Committee has no power or authority to make decisions for, or give direction to, individual member organisations. Each member organisation maintains autonomy and carries out its own operations as it sees fit.

The ARAN National Committee is expected to:

  • Make suggestions about campaigns (e.g. timing, forms and themes for nation action)
  • Receive proposals from individual member organisations to initiate actions on a national basis
  • Issue press releases
  • Develop a resource list of spokespeople and high profile supporters
  • Provide spokespeople for public comment on behalf of ARAN
  • Share information and resources with member organisations


The ARAN National Committee:

  • Will be elected by delegates from ARAN member groups (no more than two delegates per organisation)
  • Will be elected at an annual national conference which is (ideally) held in a different city each year.
  • Will be elected according to a simple first-past-the-post system (i.e. a ranking of the number of votes for each candidate)
  • Will consist of no fewer than eight and no more than 12 members
  • Will not contain more than one member from any organisation
  • Will have broad geographic and political representation
  • Will appoint its own convenor and secretary, and other office bearers if required

People who have lived refugee experience, who belong to an ARAN member group, and who are actively involved in campaigning for Australia to uphold its international human rights obligations with regard to people seeking asylum, are encouraged to nominate for the ARAN National Committee.
Membership of the Committee will be for a maximum period of 2 years, with the option for re-election

Meeting arrangements

  • The Committee will meet at least monthly, but may meet more regularly if required.
  • Meetings will take place by Skype
  • The convenor will chair the meetings
  • Agendas will be developed by the convenor and circulated to Committee members by email at least 3 days before the meeting
  • A quorum of half the number of total Committee members must be present in order for decisions to be made
  • Meeting minutes will be taken by the secretary, and will be circulated to Committee members by email within 7 days of the meeting
  • Communication between meetings will occur by email, with members using the ‘reply all’ function to involve all members in the ensuing discussion

Resources and budget

The ARAN Committee is authorised to raise funds for ARAN projects and activities which are consistent with the purpose of the Committee as outlined in this above. Budgets will be set accordingly. The signatures of two Committee members will be required for all withdrawals and expenditure.


The Committee will regularly report on its activities via the ARAN website and Facebook page.
A monthly update will be emailed to member organisations.
Any income and expenditure will be reported to member organisations annually after the end of each financial year.


Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually.

Report from ARAN National Committee June 2018