Yet another beating on Manus – January 2019
Extract from Behrouz Boochani’s message on FB:
  • Yesterday (5 Jan 19) a refugee was beaten up by a guard on Manus. 
  • The guards on Manus and Nauru have been beating up innocent refugees in the past six years, over hundred times maybe. 
  • On Manus & Nauru there’s nowhere for us to go when we are mistreated.
  • We are standing outside the law but still subject to it.
  • A human may be able to survive physical torture and prison, but he/she can never get over humiliation.
  • When you beat up a refugee, you are not hurting them physically only, you’re taking their humanity and identity. Humiliation is the ultimate torture.

Remind the politicians of the urgent need
to avoid further harm and suffering for innocent people in detention

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  • Other Petitions:
  • Online Petition –  Refugee Action Collective (Vic) –
    It’s on the official parliamentary website, meaning that it has a limited life-span
    Petition Number – EN0696
  • Petition Reason
    A recent inquest by Queensland coroner Terry Ryan has found that the death of Hamid Khazaei was preventable and was the result of “multiple errors and systemic failures” in the Australian government’s detention centres. The coroner has called for mandatory judicial investigations into all deaths that take place in such camps, considering them deaths in custody. His report also expressed the need for refugees to receive proper healthcare in countries such as Australia but acknowledges that such action would require a “fundamental revision in the broader policy framework” set out by the government.
    Petition Request:

    We therefore ask the House to: a) Implement an independent investigation into all deaths of refugees detained in the Manus Island and Nauru Regional Processing Centres, and b) Take heed of this report by bringing all the refugees detained on Manus Island and Nauru to Australia –

  • Refugee Action Collective Victoria Campaign
  • The Refugee Action Collective (Victoria) has created an online petition calling on all airlines not to deport people back to danger. With the government increasing the amount of deportations set to occur, airlines need to take a stand and show real leadership. Sign the petition to call on all airlines to do just this!