Operation Sovereign Borders and offshore processing statistics – 03/08/18



A recent inquest by Queensland coroner Terry Ryan has found that the death of Hamid Khazaei was preventable and was the result of “multiple errors and systemic failures” in the Australian government’s detention centres. The coroner has called for mandatory judicial investigations into all deaths that take place in such camps, considering them deaths in custody. His report also expressed the need for refugees to receive proper healthcare in countries such as Australia but acknowledges that such action would require a “fundamental revision in the broader policy framework” set out by the government. Closing date – 19/9/2018
220/8/18 – Human rights groups set deadline to get all refugee children off Nauru Coalition of NGOs and charities calls for children to be brought to Australia by 20 November
18/8/18 – AMA calls for Urgent Action to Ensure Proper Health Care for Asylum Seeker Children on Nauru
The AMA Federal Council, meeting in Canberra, this morning unanimously passed three motions calling on the Government to act urgently to guarantee the health and wellbeing of asylum seeker children and their families on Nauru
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